TECHDAY TOMOGRAPHIE // 13 septembre 2018 à Lyon

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à notre Journée Technique " La tomographie au service de l'Industrie 4.0" organisée avec le Groupe SAB, Actemium, Trelleborg et Rubis Control. Elle se déroulera le jeudi 13 septembre 2018 à Corcelles en Beaujolais (69).

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  • Guest (Jonathan Russell)

    As a resident of Miami, I'm not very satisfied with the decision of organizers to change the venue. However, it must have really been a forced step. I hope this year fair will be worthy or even better than last year. And I hope Miami Exhibition Center will become available again next year.

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  • Guest (Peter Clark)

    As for me, the American Tea and Coffee Fair is one of the most original events devoted to two widely spread drinks. If you love tea and enjoy drinking coffee, this fair is number one event for you. You can freely invite your family and friends to visit it and benefit from your free time.

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