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Para Axe Plus Poor Air Detox Body Cleansing Products?

4 weeks 1 day ago #630032 by paraaxeplus
Para Axe Plus-
The Chemtrail Kit offered by Dr Cousens professes to offer all that one could need to battle against the harms brought about by chemtrails and different contaminations found in the air. The pack is sold through Dr Cousen's site for $365 and incorporates free delivery.

What is the Para Axe Plus?

Para Axe Plus contains a wide range of enhancements and different items that have been intended to battle against poisonous radioactive frequencies and airborne allergens.

The unit contains the accompanying items:

Rad Neutral:

A jug of oxygen soaked spring water created to kill radioactive frequencies and mu chips. One is coordinated to administer 12 drops each day until the container is unfilled.

Too 02:

Oxygenated water that makes a recurrence to battle against the impacts of hefty metals, microbes, and substances found in chemtrails. The water-based enhancement professes to set up ideal scalar wave frequencies that kills dystonic scalar wave innovations that can be found in chemtrails. The suggested use is one tablespoon of the item twice day by day.

Illumodine Iodine:

A singlet, scalar wave charged iodine that kills ethylene-dibromide poison. The equation achieves this by hindering harmful bromide out of the framework. The high Iodine check likewise annihilates each of the 4 Morgellons species and purifies the lymphatic framework. Clients are coordinated to utilize three drops in 8 oz of water day by day, and afterward increment the sum by 3 drops like clockwork.

Groundbreaking Salt:

This item is the consequence of a crude blend of scalar improved salts from the Peruvian Andes. The salts are accustomed to bring sound and unadulterated scalar wave frequencies into the framework and supersedes the poisonous chemtrail scalar wave frequencies. The salts rebalances the generally speaking cell correspondence and makes a superior reverberation between the body and Earth. Take ⅛ teaspoon on tongue multiple times day by day.

NCD Liquid Zeolite:

Fluid Zeolite contains volcanic minerals that have an interesting, complex translucent construction. These gems help to draw poisons like weighty metals, pesticides, barium, lead, mercury, arsenic and radiation out of the blood. The suggested measurements is 15 drops, multiple times every day.

Argentyn 23 Silver:

An emphatically charged silver hydrosol that helps the resistant framework and executes 98% of infections. Take 1 tablespoon every day.


MegaDefense is utilized as a safe help supplement for decreasing the impacts of chemtrails in the body. Take 1 container multiple times every day.



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